Drake, 21 Savage - More M’s

Drake, 21 Savage - More M’s
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  • Длительность: 3:41
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  • Опубликовано: 2022-11-06 14:58:33
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Текст песни
Metro in this bitch goin' brazy

Strike like a match, knock him out his hat
Knife to a gun fight, this ain't none of that
Had to cut her off, she got too attached
I ain't wastin' time that I'm never gettin' back
Takin' less L's, makin' more M's
Put her Skims on, now she actin' like she Kim
Take it to the paint, take it to the rim
You look good on camera, baby, let's go make a film

Big diamonds, Big Puns, VS1's
Long guns, home runs, I'm the don
I can hang in the trenches with no one
Plenty switches with extensions, it's no fun
Givin' out spankings
Ridin' with lil'— 'cause he shoot without thinkin'
Baptize a nigga, send him home in a blanket
Upgrade a bitch and put some diamonds in her anklet
Better not get no throw up on my seat, I know you drinkin'
You ain't fuck no rapper, you a dinosaur, you ancient
I like fried rice, you better cook like you an Asian
Wrote a lot of verses, but I never wrote no statement
I been in them rooms, I never did no contemplatin'
This bitch wanna argue, I ain't doin' no debatin'
Seen her with her nigga, waved my hand, I'm like, "Hey, friend,"
Lookin' at the Shade Room, that shit be entertainin'
Tryna turn an opp into a motherfuckin' painting
Wells Fargo where I'm banking, nigga
Heard your album sales tankin', nigga
My bros down the road shank you, nigga
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