Drake - I Guess It’s Fuck Me

Drake - I Guess It’s Fuck Me
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  • Опубликовано: 2022-11-06 14:57:37
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You said fuck me, and I was like, "Cool"
So now what's the problem?

Don't go hiding again
Tired of asking where you been
You left so abruptly
I guess it's fuck me
Tell me, what did I do wrong?
Tell me, what did I do wrong?
Tell me, what did I do wrong?
Tell me, what did I do wrong?
Before it's over
I need you to come over once again
And before you give me closure
Need you to come a little bit closer

Still steppin' like Omega Psi Phi for mine
If bein' real was a crime, I'd be doin' life
Like that nigga not nicе, I don't know polite
I'm the first evеr antisocial socialite
The pain that I seen in my mother's eyes in 2009
Have me workin' 'til it's 2049
And get hate when I tell you, "Oh, some other time"
Like I really got some other time
You just tell me, "Never mind"
Know I sound crazy to a lazy mind
Know it'll be a different kind
Shout out to the people workin' nine to five
I be workin' nine to nine
And the six upside down, it's a nine
You already know the vibe
And they leave 'cause of pride, but they comin' back every time
The devils that I recognize, most of them got pretty eyes
Titties and some plans of just gettin' by, that's the way they live or die
Easy to judge, but, girl, who am I?
Truth or dare, I'ma take a double dare
Truth is a suicide
I would rather live a lie, keep you on the outside
Introduce you to the guys
Have you throwin' up the south side like you're one of mine
But you're not one of mine
You belong to everybody else when you're bored in your free time
Shit could make a thug cry, play it like a tough guy
Couldn't even land in the Hamptons, they didn't have the stairs for the shit I fly
Swear it's like a metaphor, I can't even get down from the shit I climb
Can't even get down from the shit I climb
Yeah, girl, you're my size
Make me tell you one time
We was on the front line, shit was in my bloodline
Waitin' for the sunshine
But the sun never shines on me, on me
Sleepin' in the whip sometimes, girl, I was sleepin' upright
Henny, red cup life, broski kept it tucked tight
Niggas talkin' bare shit about what they gon' do to mine
Aw, now their tongues tied
We was smokin', watched the sun climb
I would trap until my thumbs cried
Tryna change it all in one line
Never seen a thug cry
Love, it's been a long time
Bet you never seen a thug cry
Hit me on my hotline
And no, ma, I'm not fine at all
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