NCT 127 - Be There For Me

NCT 127 - Be There For Me
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  • Опубликовано: 2023-12-29 04:24:26
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NCT 127 - Be There For Me
Winter here already feels deep
Greenery's gone on the roadside
Nobody knows snow came by
That little street all white brings so many memories
Uh, and so much I've waited
Where my heart leads, from the start it led only to you
You know, I'm done with being alone
But don't know if this is what you want too
So I need to know

Are you down to ride?
Starlight, dawnlight
And blossoming snow
Scattering like crystal petals
Run, come to me here
Hold me gently in your arms
Picturing that road
Would you be there for me?

Snow coming heavy now in Seoul
But without you, I'd rather bе cold
Rock-a-bye, baby
When you open your еyes, I'll be by your side
Now I'm in my feels, babe, getting emotional with
All these memories making my heart burst
No time to hesitate when I'm on ya
Let's jump in together, if we don't, baby, I'm a goner
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