Drake - Stories About My Brother

Drake - Stories About My Brother
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  • Опубликовано: 2023-11-19 11:57:24
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Текст песни
Yeah, right back
I walked in the studio, Noel said "I thought that you quit?"
I said "Nah, I'm quittin' again 'cause I started again"
Gotta wait on that
This like the storm before the calm, we'll get to the vacation later
For real

This is the decompress before the intermission
Done a lot of postgame talkin', but this one different
I told Lee to put him in the car, but don't pistol whip him
And definitely do not shoot his ass 'til you get permission
People got a heavy misread on my disposition
Talkin' loose, then hit me up after on some "Please, Drake listen, listen"
Energy they bringin' is inconsistent
I got two Virgil Benzes, one that I'm whippin' right now
And the other one, I'm keepin' in mint condition
And niggas bound to slip eventually like they sent permission
Imagine us gettin' our validation from an ex-musician searchin' for recognition
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