Peezy - Reaper (Babyface Ray)

Peezy - Reaper (Babyface Ray)
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  • Длительность: 2:48
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  • Опубликовано: 2023-05-20 21:27:35
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Текст песни
Unc' dropped the fent, he overdid it with the carfent
Super ham, doggy far away from bein' Clark Kent
Chrome on the t-shirt, I think that's where my heart
Ain't no water gun, but I'll pull up, leave the park drenched
Wood full of— (Shh), think I'm runnin' out of oxygen
Young as hell, but I know the game, like I'm Popovich
Megatron, throw the bag up, I ain't droppin' shit
Scam star, fluke ID, it say Dominic
Off of ten, probably got a 'script, I could cop a brick (Sheesh)
SBD$M, how I'm not the shit?
Can't waste time, boy, no matter what, the clock gon' tick
Chillin' at the top, my opps at the bottom pissed
Redeye, cut the traction off, I might pop a wheelie
If you made somethin' out of nothin', then you gotta feel me
Shit, I don't know magic, but it look like it
Tryna catch this widebody, it's gon' have the hook flyin'
It ain't take shit, push the pedal and I shook by 'em (Skrrt)
Hit the side street and cut the car off (Man)
Shit, look at me, I'm my neighborhood's finest (Yeah)
No hat, zero cap, I'm a star, dawg (Zero)
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