Jimmie Allen - down home

Jimmie Allen - down home
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  • Длительность: 3:22
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  • Опубликовано: 2023-01-03 10:04:12
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Текст песни
I'll bet you're up there, making' new friends
I'm pretty sure you're lovin' every minute
If there's a golden pond full of fish
I bet you already caught everything in it
I bet you're making everybody laugh with your jokes
I know you're holding nothing but the best kinda hope
Shining a light up there with a big ol' smile, yeah
And meanwhile, down home
Oh, you know mama's still cooking
Them down home grits
I promise I'm working
With this guitar 'bout as hard as I can
I met a girl, bought a house
Put a nice little payment, down home
Is still there where my heart is
This down home kid is just how you left him
I still hate that you're gone, I wish you were here
But I hope I'm making you proud
'Cause I know you're up there looking down home
There ain't a day down here that goes by
That I don't climb up in my F-150
On a backroad bumping Charley Pride
Yeah, every song keeps you right here with me
I got a daughter now I really wish you'd have met
Yeah, she's walking now, but I know you see every step
I wear the number fifteen every chance I get
So when you're looking through the clouds, daddy
You can bet
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